The Barton Reading & Spelling System is reading research-based and is proven to be extremely effective with students who have dyslexia.  In my opinion, it is the best Orton-Gillingham based curriculum there is.    

I am a specialist.  I teach spelling as strongly as reading, along with grammar, basic punctuation, fluency, prosody (phrasing), and morphology.  

In order to make adequate progress, students need tutoring at least twice a week for 50-minute sessions.

It is typical for a student to make significant progress in just 3-4 months, however, the complete system takes 2 – 4 years, depending on the rate of progress.

My Philosophy:  Learning to read and spell is SUCH hard work for dyslexic students.  With a spirit of joy and winsomeness, I offer safety, connection, and support, while always moving them forward.

My Policies:  All tutoring is one on one.  Students complete two 50 minute sessions each week.  More sessions will result in faster progress.  PrePayment is required at the beginning of each month.  There is no contract.  You may cancel at any time with a refund for any unused sessions.  

Criteria for new students:  struggle with spelling and have difficulty sounding out unknown words, must be at least 5 years old and in Kindergarten (no upper age limit), need to speak and understand English, have an IQ of 70 or higher, and pass a student screening.  

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