Dorcas M. Weir, M.Ed.

Teaching reading in a way that makes sense

to children with dyslexia

Providing relief and hope to families

Does your child read slowly or inaccurately and/or have difficulty sounding out unknown words?

Do they have trouble with spelling?    

Does writing sentences and stories send them into a panic?  

Is reading grade-level text either impossible or becoming more and more frustrating?

Come where children can learn to read in a way that makes sense to them!

Bring them to a place where they don’t have to compete with other children.  .  . where it’s OK to be where they are.  .  . where they can ask questions without being judged .  .  . where they’re not asked to read text too hard for them.

Dorcas M. Weir, M.Ed.

Dyslexia Specialist

Using the Barton Reading & Spelling System.

“The whole world opened to me when I learned to read.”                                                         – Mary McLeod Bethune

“Every dyslexic student is one reading science trained teacher away from being a successful reader.  Effective, early, evidence-based intervention changes lives.”                                 – Lindbergh Leaders in Literacy