Happy Clients

– Susan N.  “Mrs. Weir,  Thank you so much for working with Magan.  I have tried other programs. The teachers at school have exhausted their resources and Magan still struggled to read.  The Barton Reading and Spelling System was the answer to prayer.  Magan has more confidence and is willing to try to read now where in the past she has always asked me to read for her.  I am amazed and surprised when Magan reads something now.  She is working on the third Level, I can hardly wait to see how well she does after she has worked on Level four.  This is so exciting.  Thank you so much!  I tell everyone I know about this program.  It has made such a difference for Magan.  She looks forward to each tutoring session!”

–  Mr. and Mrs. B.  “We are the parents of a dyslexic. Our son’s dyslexia is severe. We’ve used Bluebonnet Tutoring/Barton for 4 months and he is now confident enough to read aloud to us. He enjoys teaching his little brother what he has learned. Barton is wonderful!”

– Alecia W.  “Dorcas has been tutoring my 9 year old dyslexic daughter for the past 7 months using the Barton System. Through Dorcas’ focused instruction and encouragement, my daughter has made marked improvements in both her ability to decode words and spell them correctly. Dorcas shows genuine interest in my daughter and her success. We are so thankful for Dorcas’ ability to not only impart skills, but confidence in our struggling reader.”

– Melissa R.  “Dorcas Weir has been a life-saver for us! She has taken our young teen back to the basics to identify which building blocks she missed along the way, and is helping her rebuild a strong foundation in her reading skills. Mrs. Weir has been a nurturing source of encouragement, wisdom, and humor, and our daughter enjoys their sessions. Within two months, we saw an improvement in her overall grades. Within four months, her reading had improved by more than two grade levels! After years of trying to figure out how to help our struggling daughter, we are so grateful that we found Dorcas Weir.”

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